Personal Storage

Life can get messy – stuff collects and before you know it you’re out of storage space at home. If time is of the essence – perhaps you have company coming for the holidays, you’re trying to sell your home, you’re in transition and have nowhere to put your things while in limbo, or winter is over and you just need a place to put all those snowmobiles! Whatever your situation, we can help you reclaim your living space from all the stuff taking over!

Home Selling and Decluttering

Real-estate agents and Home Builders (link to advise document) will advise that you can you achieve a quicker sale and higher asking price by decluttering your home. Storage Solutions Self Storage will keep your belongings safe and secure while you concentrate on selling your home for top dollar.

Down Sizing Home

Empty nesters offend down size to reduce the upkeep necessary for larger homes. Possessions are hard to part with and maybe the children could use them in the future. You don’t have to make that decision today. Storage Solutions Self Storage has the space to solve this problem. You can keep your things close, access to them 24/7, and still move to a home that better suits your changing lifestyle.

Home Transition & Home Building

When your possession dates don’t coincide and you’re in transition. Storage Solutions Self Storage can help with unit sizes large and small enough to meet all your needs. Building a new home is exciting and unpredictable, your possessions will be safe, dry, and secure for as long as you require.

Maximizing Your Home’s Space

As the price of homes escalate, more people are deciding not to move and utilize the space they have. Many families are opting to convert extra rooms and basements used for storage into living space. Moving the stored items into self-storage is much more economical than moving.


Many people enjoy hobbies that require a small workshop or space but live in small condos or apartments. We have units that a can solve these problems.


Renovating and painting can be challenging when trying to constantly moving furniture around to accommodate working and paint. Self storage offers the most economical way of solving this problem and speed up the renovation process while keeping frustrations low. Store for one month or more, flexibility is what self storage is all about, and you’ll be able to access your things at any time at no extra charge.

Garage Space

All those seasonal items taking up space in your garage, snow blower, shovels, camping equipment can be stored in one of our small economical units making room for your vehicles again.

Parking Space

That boat and RV taking up precious driveway space, move it to our gated compound where it will be safe and secure and won’t upset the neighbours. All activities are monitored by our state of the art video surveillance system, with all activities recorded for you peace of mind.

Learn More about Vehicle Storage

Traveling Overseas

Going overseas for any length and time, renting out your house or moving out of the apartment and need storage? Storage Solutions Self Storage can help. We offer long term competitive rates and will ensure things are safe and secure while you are away.


Unfortunately Manitoba is subject to wide scale flooding from time to time. We offer special packages for those affected by flooding. Please contact us to make special arrangements.


Just need to keep some items safe, secure and private? Give us a call at 204-888-7867